Staging for an Open House


Open houses can be just as fun as they are stressful. If you organize yourself you can get through the process without feeling overly stressed. There are a few steps you can take to keep yourself on task. Start early. As soon as you decide your house is going to be sold start planning and prioritizing what all will need to be done to present your house. This is an important step. You will need to revisit this step often to make adjustments. As you are planning you will want to look at the market and try to determine what niche your house will appeal to and then decorate accordingly. A good rule of thumb is to try to look at your house as a property. Cutting this emotional attachment will help you make the hard decision.

Once your plan is in place, start the bigger projects. Getting them done and out of the way will allow you time to deal with issues if they are to come up. This is when you do the deep cleaning. Get the grime off the shower wall or doors. Pay attention to grout. Fix anything that is broken, patch holes and paint. Declutter and depersonalize the entire house. This is where the emotional detachment helps.

It is time to decorate. Each room will need special attention. As each room is done you need to keep in mind “less is better.” You want to remove big furniture items. The more open the rooms look the larger they look. Use slipcover to update old furniture or torn up furniture. Try to arrange the living room to give it a focal point.

The kitchen need to be kept clean and uncluttered. Keep the countertops cleared off and the refrigerator doors clear of magnets. The bathroom is much like the kitchen. You want the countertop cleaned off. Keep all toiletries out of sight. Replace the shower curtain and towels with new ones and keep them presentable. The bedroom needs to be decorated in a unisex decor. The bedding need to look nice and new. Get rid of the clutter, no extra beds, desk etc etc. The lawn will need constant attention. Keep it well manicured based on the season. If an appropriate season powerwash siding and deck. Replace your welcome mat and paint front door.

The day of the open house it is time to put the on the final touches.

Set out vases of fresh flowers, they create a nice smell and color to the rooms. Open up the curtains on all the windows. Adding the natural light will brighter the house. The brighter the house the happier the house feels. Keep the temperature comfortable. Serve food and drinks. Base what you serve on the season. Make sure you safeguard your valuables and prescriptions. Lock them away during the open house.

Finally, it is time to make yourself presentable. Making sure you are dressed appropriately is important. You ultimately represent your home. If you need new clothes or other items for staging the house, the best way to save money is to shop online. You more likely to find better sales and there are websites that provide discounts. is one such site. These websites offer these discounts for various merchants. Merchants that are both online and brick and mortar.