5 Ways Leaks Can Ruin Your Home Investment

Water is one of natures most powerful solvents. It can breakdown a myriad of substances including rock. What kind of damage can it cause to the internal elements of the home? That really depends on the extent of the leak.

Compromising Wooden Structure

Water can soften wooden structures to the consistency of a sponge. This means the property can suffer as the structural integrity is decreased. Because some leaks will continue for years without the homeowner realizing, the damage can easily escalate. By the time you realize a surface drooping, it’s already too late. You will need to make repairs.

Rotting Away the Drywall

Not all drywall damage is apparent from a leak. In fact, it’s quite possible to suffer extensive damage inside the wall without a visible sign. This leads to an excessively fragile wall as well as promoting mold and mildew issues. The slightest bump could punch a relatively large hole even from something soft like a pillow.

Poor Air Quality

Air quality is vastly important, especially if you plan on selling the property. A lot of people suffer from asthma attacks thanks to spores in the atmosphere. Mold and mildew in the basement in Cleveland, Ohio, for instance, can lead to poor air quality. This makes the property more difficult to live in for some and more difficult to sell later.

Eating Away at the Foundation

Leaks from the roof can lead to cracks and damage in the foundation. This is because water travels through a myriad of pathways within the house. Once water freezes, it slowly widens even the smallest fissures of cement and concrete. If it’s not caught in time, problems in the foundation can easily lead to costly future repairs.

Damage to Flooring

Mold and mildew can also accumulate under the carpets, padding and even hardwood flooring in the home. This is why waterproofing is so important for a property: water is insidious. Before you realize there is a problem, an entire section of floor is compromised. At which point, you may need to invest in even more costly repairs. The last thing you want is to sink into the floor of the bathroom because water rotted the floorboards.

Whether it’s a leak caused by bad pipes or nature wreaking havoc in the neighborhood, water can cause a lot of damage to a property. Don’t let your investment be broken down from the inside. Waterproof as much of the property you can before water robs you of its resale value.

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